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Free Resources

Welcome to The Playdate Lady's Free Resources. You are welcome to enjoy them and share a link to this page. You can also find more resources here .


This resource can help you solve problems quickly and in a fun way. Decision dice are a great way to change a frown into a smile.

You can read about decision dice on the blog.

family fun games.png

Want to have some fun in the dark? Try this small flashlight games resource for some ideas.

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What do you put on your resume as a babysitter?

Download this free infograph that tells you all the details you need to include to wow the parents! You can read about making a babysitter resume on the blog.


Download a copy of the "Open Shut Them" Play song

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Want to grab the attention of a group of kids? Try these attention grabber play songs!

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Try this super fun Twinkle Friends song with sign language actions!

PD Mud puddles and bubbles-01.jpg

This play plan is for preschoolers to enjoy a little messy fun! Three great activities to keep your curious little ones busy.

You can read about this play plan on the blog.

PD Cupid's Arrow Play Plan-01.jpg

This play plan is on the theme of kindness. Play with your preschoolers with these great activities!

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