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How Do You Feel Today?

These are confusing times. Children have very big feelings about the world as it is now. Together Mother and Daughter team Robin Landals Hill and Holly Hill have created a universal children's book about feelings and giving feeling names. 

Naming feelings is a step to understanding them. Big feelings get a voice in the book "My Monster Feels" (ISBN 9798648900493)

The colourful children's book illustrated by 16-year-old Holly Hill and written by seasoned Preschool Teacher Robin Landals Hill describes several situations where you and your monster may feel the same way.

my monster feels front cover 2_paint cov

The book is fun and speaks to children's love of new words. There are many ways to feel. "My monster feels" helps to give a name to some of those feelings and asks the question, "How do you feel today?"

my monster feels Final_Page_02.jpg

The book includes ideas and an activity for talking to kids about Corona Virus (COVID-19) Perfect for parents and teachers to help give a jumping-off point for helping kids deal with this difficult time. However, the book is not about Corona Virus - It talks about feelings as a general idea and can apply to many different emotional topics and lessons. 

my monster feels Final_Page_03.jpg
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Order your copy of "My Monster Feels" on Amazon today!

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