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Big kids like to play too

Once when my son was young we were at a fast food playground. On older kid was being rowdy and accidentally bumping into little kids. Another Mom told his Mom he was too big to be in there. She responded with "He's still a kid. he just wants to play too."

I didn't fully understand what she was saying until I had older kids myself. Sometimes the tendency is to expect kids to grow up too fast. The Big kids need play too. Find ways your big kid can play that are creative, fun and safe.

A vist to the Cat Cafe is a great way for a big kid to play!

There are many great places to play where big kids can feel welcome. We took my daughter to a Cat Cafe and she had a great time. She sipped her hot chocolate and played with the kitties. She still talks about the experience today.

Corn mazes are not just for little ones. They can be great fun for big kids. Break out the flashlights and go at twilite. Or how about a culinary tour by going to one place for an app, one for dinner and another for dessert?

Get creative with your big kids. Let them play and let them know it's good for them to play.

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