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"Muddy" Playdough

This "Muddy" Playdough recipe goes perfect with the Mud Puddles and Bubbles Play Plan. Find it here. It can also be used for a "Hot Chocolate" themed play dough play. And.... it smells great!

Brown Playdough

2 cups flour

1/2 cup cocoa or hot chocolate powder. (different hot chocolates have different scents. Mint smell is popular with my kids)

2 cups BOILING water

1 cup salt

2 TBSP cream of tartar ( find it in the baking aisle in a small box)

2 TBSP Baby oil (you can use cooking oil but baby oil is nicer)

To Do:

Mix all if the ingredients together. Once it cools a bit, knead it all together until smooth. You may need to add sprinklings of flour to oil to get the right texture as you knead.

Have fun with your brown playdough!

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