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Keynote Presentations & Workshops

I offer a variety of Keynote Presentations and workshops perfect for your professional development and Early Childhood topic events. Please contact me for details.


Keynote: Find The Guide 

This Keynote focuses on reframing your work with children to focus on guidance not compliance, guidance not authority and guidance not force. How we can  create relationships with children where appropriate behaviours can happen.

Keynote: We are People

This Keynote focuses on communicating with children in a way that respects their minds, bodies and spirits. What if we all just spoke to children as people?

Keynote: Paper Bag Customer Service in Childcare

This Keynote explores how to provide great service in childcare! By focusing on our daily activities and actions as customer service skills and reinforcing connections with the families we serve we provide not just good service but set ourselves up for business growth.

Workshop: Find The Guide

This workshop helps you shift your focus as an ECE to one of a guiding hand and a companion on childrens' learning path over an authority figure commanding compliance. Hands on activities support the learning.

Workshop: Early Literacy Journey

This Workshop looks at early literacy as communication, language development, numeracy and self-expression; Not just alphabet recognition and reading readiness.

Workshop: Paper Bag Customer Service in Childcare

This workshop uses the principles of performing daily acts of service to families and treating our childcare agency as a service agency we will explores what we think of as customer service and ways we can serve our families every day and grow our businesses.

What people are saying....

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Sandhya, Early Childhood Educator

"Robin was very professional. We need this kind of workshop again and again!"
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